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Name : Carol Beuchat
Country : United States

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Carol Beuchat has had an abiding passion for animals since she was a very young child, and this compelled her to pursue a career as a vertebrate biologist. She has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Biology from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and was awarded a Ph.D. in Physiology by Cornell University in New York in 1982. She has served as a Professor on the faculties of Colgate University, San Diego State University, and the University of Arizona.

While in South Africa pursuing scientific endeavours, she began frequenting dog shows with her camera, combining her love of dogs with her interest in photography. The images on her website ( reflect the fruits of that pursuit. Many of her photos are taken in the show ring, some at field trials and agility events, and the remainder at the beach or in the countryside. She most enjoys the challenge of capturing the beauty, spirit, and elegance of dogs in candid images.

Carol's images have appeared in Animal Talk Magazine, The South African Canine Chronicle (now All About Dogs in South Africa), Southern Africa's Dog Directory, and Dog World (UK) newspaper.

She is the principal photographer for the Dog world South Africa web site (, where you can view more of her images.

name: Carol Beuchat
address: 24441 Sadaba
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tel: 520-271-3161 (USA)
fax: 888-453-0688 (USA)
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Last work published on our site:
1. Westminster Kennel Club 2003 09/02/2003
2. Purina Epol Dog of the Year-South Africa 24/08/2002
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