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'OSLO European Dog Show 2015 Day 2'
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news - 04/09/2015
OSLO European Dog Show 2015 Day 2  -  Norway

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
OSLO European Dog Show 2015, excellent cake but no icing on it. So much energy was going to the issue between the FCI and the Norwegian Kennel Club regarding attributing the World Dog Show 2019 to China. I was wondering how much this issue affected the European Dog Show. The tension was at a moment so high that I was wondering if the European would have to be cancelled. Fortunately nothing of this has happened. I hope and am convinced that alike the problems in the British Kennel Club, a few years ago, with the BBC program, a lot of good things will see the light. But this issue is only a chapter in the FCI history and must be seen apart from the European Dog Show that was granted to the Norwegian Kennel Club.

The showground was in Lillestrom, a small town not far from Oslo. Five halls and a huge parking were welcoming the dogworld for 3 days. It was large enough for this event that welcomed 11879 dogs for the show and another 5284 dogs for the club and specialty shows. It was somewhat strange that the puppies were not taken into account, probably because they could not really compete for the finals. In total there were 631 puppies entered. All together there were 17794 entries for the show. The exact number of dogs is only to be guessed because probably a lot of dogs were attending the main show but also the specialty shows. The numbering of the dogs in the catalog was confusing as the Junior Handlers also followed in this numbering as if they were dogs. Funny as these are people, not dogs! And after that follows a new numbering starting with 50001 and I think that these are the puppies as they all are very young looking at their dates of birth. It's not explained, but I guess it's that. From all the entries for the show itself 5114 dogs were from Norway, 2123 from Sweden, 1358 from Russia and 1061 from Finland. The rest came from all over the world, 51 countries in total.

In the days prior to the show one of the Norwegian TV channels gave an interesting program on dog shows and although I don't speak the language I could easily follow and it was the best publicity the show could get and very informative for everybody that is interested in shows and dog sports in general. And I was happily surprised to find on the first day an official show guide, alike the one at Crufts. The concept was the same and I' m convinced that much better than any catalog, a showguide is the best you can offer to the visitors. It was clear that it was directed mainly to the Norwegian visitors as only small parts were translated in English and thus readable to foreign visitors too. But the catalog was very complete too, it was a rather unusual format, 17 x24cm, but I liked it. And also here it was clear that the Norwegian Kennel Club's goal was to emphasize the importance of dog welfare. Some said that it was too much of it, too much FCI issue and too little show. Maybe, but I understand that the NKC wanted to grab the opportunity to inform the Cynological world about their point of view. What I liked was the article explaining the rules and regulations set out by the Norwegian Kennel Club with regard to Dog Welfare in Shows and Trials. It is a splendid initiative but what is miss is how it is enforced. What if somebody is not keeping to those rules? Exclusion from the show? Ironically a dog, handled by an Asian handler, was lifted with the leash without support during the finals, a violation of rule 8. A complaint was made but as the sanctions were not stipulated, there is little that can be done but totransfer the complaint to the FCI, and this is really not the right time for that. The rules are well meant but should be completed with consequences and/or sanctions for those who break the rules. The NKC also edited a brochure on "Promoting health and welfare for dogs worldwide". This brochure is like a thick glossy magazine. It is well documented and a major part of it is in the four FCI languages. This is a homework well prepared for the FCI upcoming meetings. It is clear that the NKC wants to make a change in the FCI's frozen attitude and forcing a new direction for the welfare of dogs "worldwide". And as the NKC's chairman, Mr. Tom Ostein Martinsen, said: if the NKC would not have opposed to the FCI's decision on China, this discussion would never have taken place. Indeed, again, let's hope that many good initiatives will see the light and that dogs in general will benefit from it. It must be said that the NKC's job was well done and documented and offers a splendid starting point for the future. And I don't think a Scandinavian split will be the result. It's not what they want. It's a debate and changes they are looking for.

But back to the show now. The show was correct and well organized, everything was there but it missed the "show aspect", the icing on the cake. Inside the halls very little was done to bring the show on a higher level, different from a regular International CACIB show. There was no theme but the theme on dog welfare and even that was not put in a festive spotlight. And one had the impression that a shadow was cast all over this event. It was like all the VIP's were all the time scanning the thoughts of the others, carefully weighing their words, not speaking out frankly. It was a strange feeling. Even the Press Conferences were used to clarify the position of the NKC and information was distributed. With regard to the show it was a missed opportunity but with regard to the issue it was the best opportunity they would ever get.

There were 6 Halls, 4 for the rings, one for the trade stands and Main ring and a small one for the Kennel and Breed Clubs promotional stands. The fact that the last two who were positioned at the entrance was not the best thing because the only way to reach them was via the long promenade and from hall E to A or even B (with the trade stands) was a really long walk. And that was exactly what the trade stand holders were complaining about and what I keep on saying; never put the trade stands in one hall, but spread them out or take care that the ring can only be reached after passing the stands. The few foreign trade stand holders were complaining a lot as it was not only extremely expensive and complicated to come over with the customs, but they were repositioned to the sides of the hall, leaving the best places to the Norwegian booths, at least that is what they told me. It would have been better to position the commercial stand in the promenade and at the entrances of each of the halls and places where everyone had to pass anyway, clearly visible to everyone. If you would like to go shopping you were forced to go via the Main Promenade as the doors in the back were locked, leaving no shortcuts.

The timing was correctly followed, for the judging as well as for the main ring program. Every day the show ended right in time, no later than 18h except for Sunday when there were the ceremonial part and the finals. But even then it ended around 19h. But also here, there was not spectacular, no festive atmosphere and the ties with FCI were difficult to discover. It was a smaller version of the Milano main ring, but less flashy. The colors were much darker and the lights uneven. At Crufts the lights glow up when the judging starts and when spectators and judges want to see clearer. Here it was pretty dark, all the time. The runway around the ring was in a brighter blue, fortunately, but the lights on the podium came from straight above the winners, casting ugly shadows on the faces and creating colored reflections on coats of the dogs because the carpet on the podium was deep blue. On Friday there were very few spectators, but Saturday and especially on Sunday the stairs were well occupied. The Press guidelines were violated from day one on by a few photographers who were allowed to sit in front of the judges, but on the last day all reporters were invited to sit there, a much better position, at least for the photographers. But besides that it was OK. The judges in the main ring kept to the directives of the stewards and that is important as it results in consistent viewpoints instead of chaotic do-as-you-like performances.

The opening ceremony was on Friday, prior to the finals of the day. I remember when it used to be in the morning of the first day, when nobody is in the main ring, no spectators either, looking more like a general rehearsal then. I like this better. The public was treated with a lovely song from a woman with a marvelous voice. It was much appreciated. For the finals there was no "best couple, minor puppy or puppy". It started with Junior Handling, then by the best Junior of Day, followed by the different groups, the Breeders Group of Day and the Best Veteran of Day". On Friday groups III, IV and IX were on term, good for 3544 entries. Best scoring breeds were the Chihuahuas with 228 specimen, followed by 188 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, 157 French Bulldogs, 121 Pugs and 120 Jack Russell Terriers. It was unusual to see so many Havanese here, 98, more than the so popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who were with 77. All these numbers included the puppies too. I missed it myself, but here was an opportunity to see a Tenterfield Terrier, an Australian breed. Winner of Group III was the Wire Fox Terrier "Ch.Kingarthur Van Foliny Home",. This dog won already so many big shows that it was to be expected that he would end up high. Judge of Group III was Mr.Hans Lehtinen from Finland. Kingarthur is owned by Malzoni-Demunter-Uytterwijk and comes from Belgium. Group IV was judged by Mr.Knut Sigurd Wilberg from Norway. His winner was a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund, entered in Champion class. She is named "Queenlord Skinny Love" and came along with breeder and owner Valentina Barcella from Italy. Group IX was judged by Mr.Chan Weng Woh from Maleysia. It was in this group that the winning Shih-Tzu was lifted with the leash by its handler. If "Smile-absolute's First Down Ten To" could smile after that was difficult to see. This dog was bred and owned by Wanida Busakomnunt from Thailand. The Shih-Tzus were also well represented with 108 entries. Mr. Dan Ericsson from Sweden judged the Juniors and his winner was the Pug "Tangetoppen's Troublemaker". This little dog is bred and owned by Elisabeth Olsen from Norway. Mrs.Liz Cartledge from the UK judged the groups. I liked the idea that the groups were leaving the ring immediately unless selected, what was done previously in the prejudging ring. Thus the main ring was not overcrowded. The veterans were also parading in the finals. Judge was Mrs. Christine Rossier from Switzerland. She was won for the Lhasa Apso "Medoc Incredible Kundo" This dog is owned by Morten Hansen from Denmark.

Saturday was a sunny day and welcomed 3725 dogs for the main competition along with many visitors. Groups 2, 6, 7 and 10 were on term. Also here we find interesting numbers in some breeds. 141 Whippets, 129 English Bulldogs, 138 Great Danes, 191 Bernese Mountain dogs, 127 Zwergpinshers, 126 Dobermanns, 104 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 95 Bullmastiffs and 196 Zwergschnauzers. In Group 6 we could find also a few interesting and rare breeds like the Epagneul de Pont-Audemer and the Perdiguero de Burgos, the Luzerner Swiss hound and several others. I was surprised by the high number of Stabyhouns, 65! And it was nice to see that the Danish-Swedish farmdog was not a myth as no less than 67 showed up. Leif Ragnar Hjorth from Norway judged the Best Junior of Day and that was one of the 101 Dalmatians. Yes indeed with the puppies not taken into account, there were exactly 101 Dalmatians in competition and "Jilloc's Expensive Taste" was the best Junior on Saturday and listens to Florence Brunberg from Sweden. Mr. Rafael Malo Alcrudo from Spain started the groups with group II. His winner was the Russian Black Terrier "Fine Lady S Zolotogo Grada", coming from Russia along with S.Zolotova. Group VI was for Arne Foss from Norway who made the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen "Caramel Apple Van Tum-tums's Vriendjes" to his winner. Caramel Apple is from Holland and owned and bred by Gwen Huykenshove. In Group VII we find another Belgian winner, the Weimaraner "Doc N'Camelot Heavan Can Wait". It's a US import owned by Edwin Lenaerts. This group was judged by Mr.Claudio De Giuliani from Italy while Mr.Goran Bodegard from Sweden received Group X to judge. For him it was the Afgan Hound who made a chance for BIS. "Amal Salang Coeur D'coeurs" is a Russian bred dog and owned by Denis Shirokov". After this the first judging of the Norwegian breeds was done, followed by the Eukanuba challenge and the Breeders Group judged by Mr. Stefan Sinko from Slovenia. Mr.Hans Van Den Berg from Holland had the honor to pick out the best veteran, and that was a Danish-Swedish Farmdog "Götängens Bárdur" . This Danish bred dog lives in Norway with Wenche Moan.

Sunday counted more than 3909 entries from groups I, V and VIII. The Flat Coateds were the most popular breed of the day and of the show with 192 entries. There were 146 Golden Retrievers and 148 Labradors, no less than 113 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and 101 Cocker Spaniels. The Shelties outnumbered the Aussies with 108 to 92. In the Spits group the Siberians were best represented with 102 while the Pomeranians had 85 in competition. The Belgian Shepherds ,are popular here too with 128 (all varieties and colors). It was unusual to find out that the Japanese Spits is famous over here with no less than 84 specimen. Among the rarities was the Chodsky Pes, a breed from Czech Republic; The Norwegian Lundehund was the best represented Norwegian breed of the show. This is unusual as this breed is very rare, even over here and has a very narrow gene pool. This breed is known for its 6 toes on each paw and extreme flexibility of the joints. Group I was judged by Mrs.Barbara Muller from Switzerland who chose "Seventy Seven Rurikovichi My" as her winner. This Australian Shepherd listens to Olga Serova from Russia. The Group V winner was the Samojed "Cabaka's Happy Go Lucky" . The dog comes from Italy along with Gennaro Donato. Judge of this group was Marianne Holmli from Norway. The last group was group VIII and Annika Ullveit-Moe from Sweden was the judge. It was a Flat Coated who won it, "Castlerock Simply Magic", a Swedish dog owned by Anette Dyren. This group was followed by the second judging of the Nordic breeds, the Nordic Spitz breeds. Judge was Christen Lang from Norway. After Leif Hagnar Hjorth picked out the best breeders group it was Kari Jarvinen who was honored to chose the Best Veteran of Day. That was the Lagotto Romagnolo "Lapinlumon Hesperus". Siv Christen Baekken from Norway was the lucky owner.

The ceremonial part was again somewhat overcast by the problems between the FCI and the NKC. There was only Jorgen Hindse, president of the European Section to introduce this part and hand over the FCI flag to Belgium who will organize the next European Show. Fortunately the presentation movie was much appreciated by the audience who gave a big applause. Todi Hübenthal from Norway was the choice for Best In Show judge. He worked through all the 10 group winners and didn't hesitate to make his choice. On the podium were not the original BIS trophies but replacements. The originals were stolen! Nobody knows if this was a joke or a kind of revenge towards the NKC. The Afgan Hound was the first who was called on the stage to take place 4, followed by the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen. His second place went to the Samoyed and that left only one place. The tension was high and the applause laud when Kingarthur Van Foliny Home was called in the arena to take the first place and the trophy for Best In Show. Again this dog wins a big show after he won the World Show in Brno and so many other BIS and BOG all over the world. The Belgian Kennel Club brings the FCI flag back home to Belgium and Kingarthur brings the BIS trophy. Let us hope that the tensions in the FCI are gone by then and that it will no longer affect the European and World Shows. And maybe we will all thank the Norwegian Kennel Club for activating a constructive debate for the benefit of dog welfare and for the benefit of dog sport all over the world. The show was perfect from a technical point of view, but it was clear that other matters were consuming all attention. The cake was nice but we missed the icing.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: Norwegian Kennel Club


1 00398

Ch Kingarthur Van Foliny Home Fox Terrier Wire

2 09734

Cabaka's Happy Go Lucky Samoyed

3 06208

Caramel Apple Van Tum-tum's Vriendj Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

4 06856

Amal Salang Coeur D'coeurs Afghan Hound


1 07450

Seventy Seven Rurikovichi My Australian Shepherd

2 08092

Cordmaker Hurdy Gurdy Puli, Other Colours

3 08034

Aryakas Rodanthi Old English Sheepdog (bobtail)

4 08493

Annline's My Ways Chance Welsh Corgi Pembroke


1 05561

Fine Lady S Zolotogo Grada Black Terrier

2 04666

Steadlyn Recognition Miniature Schnauzer, Black/silver

3 05331

Vi?skaly?s Harlem Shake Pyrenean Mountain Dog

4 03833

Fullhouse Bordeaux Red Forest Dogue De Bordeaux


1 00398

Ch Kingarthur Van Foliny Home Fox Terrier Wire

2 00018

Rus Kornels Simvol Pobedy Airedale Terrier

3 01138

Gia?che Ci Sei Della Riva D?arno West Highland White Terrier

4 00600

Shyloch Qosmos Kerry Blue Terrier


1 01548

Queenlord Skinny Love Miniature Dachshund, Wire-haired

2 01414

Catastrofe's Red Dragon Miniature Dachshund, Smooth-haired

3 01474

Sensatsia Pitera Chest Imeu Miniature Dachshund, Long-haired

4 01579

Formula Uspeha Colibri Rabbit Dachshund, Smooth-haired


1 09734

Cabaka's Happy Go Lucky Samoyed

2 08779

King Of Egypt De Los Perros De Bigo Chow Chow

3 10000

Siam Grand Mung-mee By D-d-p Thai Ridgeback Dog

4 09380

Kimura's Peer Gynt Norwegian Buhund


1 06208

Caramel Apple Van Tum-tum's Vriendj Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

2 06283

Makao Line Atuin Art Rhodesian Ridgeback

3 06125

Gjermaa's Storm Norwegian Hound

4 06033

Ch Offordale Chevalier Dalmatian


1 06779

Gch Ch Doc N' Camelot's Heaven Can Weimaraner, Short-haired

2 06387

Bice Italian Pointing Dog

3 06514

Caemgen's Edge Of Glory Irish Red Setter

4 06560

Weimpoint Seasyde No Autographs Pls English Pointer


1 10449

Castlerock Simply Magic Flat Coated Retriever

2 10070

Very Vigie Huluberlulu American Cocker Spaniel

3 10236

Cockergold All My Life English Cocker Spaniel

4 11089

Aquafortis Casanova By Robel Portuguese Water Dog


1 03220

Smile-absolute's First Down Ten To Shih Tzu

2 02856

Roses Castiel Of Tangetoppen Pug

3 02784

Figaro S Tsvetochnoi Poljany Poodle, Medium Size, Brown/white/black

4 02391

Maximo De La Virreyna French Bulldog


1 06856

Amal Salang Coeur D'coeurs Afghan Hound

2 07286

Shottii Whippet

3 07085

Qirmizi Meridian Saluki

4 06994

Mairead Maguire Ardfhuil O'marksbay Irish Wolfhound


1 02689

Medoc Incredible Kundo Lhasa Apso

2 01523

Wervest's Winn Miniature Dachshund, Wire-haired

3 00401

Crispy Legacy Fox Terrier Wire

4 00076

Severnaya Zhemchuzhina Olimpia American Staffordshire Terrier


1 04154

Götängens Bárdur Danish-swedish Farmdog

2 06906

Jelistaz Painted Pilgrim Borzoi

3 06214

Vilauddens Ronin Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

4 05230

Qashiwas Casino Royal Newfoundland


1 10922

Lapinlumon Hesperus Romagna Water Dog

2 11198

Benton Under Oath Welsh Springer Spaniel

3 09656

Tiny Jewels' Mad About The Boy Pomeranian

4 09762

Cabaka's Mcgee Of Calle Samoyed


1 02823

Tangetoppen's Troublemaker Pug

2 00387

Joker Des Astucieux De Kerlabour Fox Terrier Wire

3 00468

Merrymac You Are The Winner Irish Terrier

4 01322

Jakira's Electra Standard Dachshund, Long-haired


1 06020

Jilloc's Expensive Taste Dalmatian

2 04932

Smalltalls Forever Yours Great Dane, Fawn/brindle

3 05198

Grandbear Wow Smooch Liberty Newfoundland

4 07001

Lovoly's Skyfall Italian Greyhound


1 09734

Cabaka's Happy Go Lucky Samoyed

3 09689

Chriscendo Catching Fire Pomeranian

4 08724

Frina Bozhestvennaya Gratsiya Basenji


1 Tangetoppen Olsen, Elisabeth - Norge

2 Lovely-orange Olga Serova - Russland

3 Stribrne Prani Alena Bystrianska - Tsjekkia

4 Be A Viking Anna-karin Jernberg - Sverige


1 Dreamkiss T. Kaptsova - Russland

2 Hunting Collection Konstantin Pozdneev - Russland

3 Smalltall Lund, Heidi - Norge

4 A'dreams Marja-leena Kurvinen - Finland


1 Cabakas Morell, Gitte - Danmark

2 Farmarens Ulrica Olsson & Charlott Sandberg - Sverige

3 Tiny Jewels Løken, Dag - Norge

4 Allevamento Del Piervez Allevamento Del Piervez - Italia


1 06172

Starlight Express Halden Hound

2 06125

Gjermaa's Storm Norwegian Hound

3 06188

A N Ida Hygen Hound


1 09380

Kimura's Peer Gynt Norwegian Buhund

2 09457

Frolingens Dyre Norwegian Elkhound Black

3 09452

Vida Norwegian Elkhound Grey

4 09514

Lyrypa's Topsy Norwegian Lundehund


1 50013

Merrymac Zinnia Of Gold Again Irish Terrier

2 50036

Gemma Stonehendge Hardys Notagehill Scottish Terrier

3 50190

Saffron Sherhy Ottilia Shih Tzu

4 50159

Pugbully Mr Flash Pug


1 50366

Vascia Rosso Bloodhound

2 50365

Lubiane Du Hêtre Au Loup Beagle

3 50404

Gulleiv's Mustang Shelby Irish Wolfhound

4 50310

Smalltall's Gentle Touch Great Dane, Fawn/brindle


1 50428

Flammeus Winner Takes It All Belgian Shepherd Dog, Tervueren

2 50512

Local Hero's King Of Hart's Istas Mexican Hairless Dog

3 50504

Arctic Kees For Your Eyes Only Keeshond

4 50546

Tiny Jewels' Show Me Love Pomeranian


03560 Kathleen Maria Geicke 1999 1384 Asker

03567 Irja Sofie Nyheim 2003 9010 Tromsø



07324 Thorarinsdottir, Hafdis Jona 1999

07342 Bizina, Elizaveta 2002

07359 Weijmans, Demi 2001


1 11271 Virginia Stevenin 1999 43015 Inoleto

2 07324 Thorarinsdottir, Hafdis Jona 1999

3 90006 Katerina Navratilikova 1999 29475

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