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'Great Dane festival'
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news - 06/09/2003
Great Dane festival  -  Poland

dogs breeders dog pictures by Anna Narewska
To win at your own national breed club show is very important for any breeder, or exhibitor. How much more prestigious then when that show takes place at an international level. It is not surprising that the European Great Dane Show has become a prestigious event over the years.Overall organisation of this event rests with the European Great Dane Club - EuDDC. The federation includes many continental clubs, and is hosted each year by one of the member countries.

Responsibility for this year}s speciality rested with the

Polish Great Dane Club.

This type of meeting presents a great opportunity for club representatives to meet and discuss important issues, and on

occasion, urgent problems that have come up during the year.

To this end the first day of the meeting is devoted to these

talks, and to the exchange of information. Needless to say this

results in a very long agenda.

The following day was the day of the International show, which

had over 350 dogs entered. This is a considerable number, especially when compared with those entered last year at the Amsterdam World Show

where the total entry was under 250.The most important European kennels were present, and has brought their best specimens.

The venue for the show was a centrally located sports facility

in Lodz.This has been the traditional site for the Polish Great Dane

Club annual show.This year it was a big challange for the club and its president Mrs. Malgorzata Sowinska.

Luckily the weather was wonderful - a sunny day with moderate, but still warm temperatures. The ring were surrounded by green areas providing a very nice setting for the dogs and their owners, who could relax,as much as possible,during such an important show.

All over the showground one could hear the babble of conversation in many languages, as Dane funs chatted about all aspects of the breed.

It is interesting to see how enthusiasm and a common interest bring

down the language barriers. No doubt many formed new friendships, and renewed old ones here.

And the event itself? Things were a little chaotic at the start and finish of the show, especially during the finals.Nobody complained though, and everyone was very patient and understanding when things didn}t run quite as planned. After all,the organisers and judges, as well the rest of us, came from all over Europe,and translating must

have presented quite a few difficulties.Despite this Mrs. Sowinska

seemed to get everything under control for the climax of the show.

This involved not only a first class performance from the dogs that

had reached the finals, but the nature itself seemed to join in the performance, providing a very special and romantic atmosphere, especially as the finish of the show co-incited with the most spectacular and beautiful sunset.

It was perhaps for the last time, a Great dane with cropped ears,

who won Best in Show at the EuDDC show.Tension had grown from minute

to minute, as the show drew to its end. Only three best of Breeds remained in the ring,and there was an air of great expectacion.The

judge for this final was Dr. Amalia Murante,a very experienced Great Dane breeder and specialist. All finalists were of course correctly constructed, as they should be at that level. But the winning bitch

was the fawn Ch.Petronilla dei Cento Scudi whose showmanship and presence seemed to give her a very special aura. She stood like

a statue with all that special arrogance,and look at me attitude that

is so necessary at this level, where there is very little to choose between the finalists in construction and movement.There were no

doubts amongst the spectactors, but since both dog and judge were Italian, everyone watching was afraid that she would not choose the Italian dog.But with a judge of such experience, such things are of little consequence, and for Dr. Murante too there was no doubt whatever as to the real winner. It was a well-deserved final for Ch.Petronilla dei Cento Scudi. She is a beautifully constructed bitch, with eye-catching movement, and was briliantly handled to victory by experienced breeder Marina Salmoiraghi.

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