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'Mechelen 2017 Double CACIB'
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news - 19/08/2017
Mechelen 2017 Double CACIB  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Mechelen 2017, double CACIB show. Since this year the Royal Society Saint Hubertus gave green light for shows to organize a double CACIB show in one weekend. The Society itself will do it in december for its yearly show. But not only the club of Liège but also the Cynoligical Society St Rombouts was candidate and received permission in the hope that it would benefit the club and making it financially stronger after a few difficult years. It was the 37th edition of this show and on Saturday 1228 dogs were lining up in the morning, on Sunday there were a little more, 1242. A double show means that every day all the groups are on term, plus the puppies, minor puppies, veterans, couples and breeders groups had to be judged in the main ring. Probably a certain amount of dogs were entered in both shows and the owners did come back or staid somewhere in a hotel or B&B or a camping. The hotels and restaurants will for sure benefit more from a double show than from a regular one, spread over two days. The question is always, how many dogs would have entered if it was only a regular show. But do we need to ask ourselves that question? We have now in total 2470 payments for entries and that counts for the club. For the exhibitors it is important to increase the chance for a ticket or a title, and they are happy too! And all by all the show ended each day on a very reasonable hour, a little after 6. A double show is very interesting for foreign exhibitors as they can win two tickets if they are lucky while travelling only once. That saves not only on travelling costs, but they win an extra weekend that they can participate in a show. On two weekends of which one has a double show, they can do 3 shows instead of two. But what are the disadvantages? Not much, except that the composition of the jury will tend to consist more of allrounders as they are supposed to judge other breeds the next day. The weather was fine on both days but compared to some previous years it was an ideal temperature inside. There was not much around in the main ring during the day. If there is a separate main ring it should be used I think. Every show organization has a club behind and taking advance of the main ring to promote its activities is the best way to inform the visitors and attract members. There are numerous things that can be shown, even presentations of breeds can be interesting enough for visitors.

This show had less entries compared to Liège. Liège had 2275 entries last year and 1721 and 1620 this year. Mechelen 1496 entries last year and now 1228 and 1242. It looks like logical that the numbers/ show drop somewhat. First of all, not every exhibitor will benefit from both judges. So it is possible that those only enter for one show. And there will always be exhibitors who cannot attend both shows for the simple reason that a number of them are not able to come as they need to work on Saturday. The Sint Romboutscup is a very international show with exhibitors participating from as much as 16 different countries. A little over half were dogs from Belgium. 8 Russian Dogs were entered, 2 from Israel. The UK had 30 entries to represent them and 32 if we count also the two dogs from Jersey. 24 Judges were needed to take care that every breed would have a different judge on each day, probably not an easy task for the organizers. However, 4 of them were only officiating one day. For one of them it was an opportunity to show a dog too, and the dog was placed second in the group! Sorry, this should not be permitted and even the judge should know by herself that this is against etiquette. In that case she could have her dog be shown by a handler and for the finals it would have been fair to withdraw the dog like it was done once by Mrs. Van Brempt, who withdraw her sister's dog, for which she received a well deserved applause. There were nine nationalities in the judges panel, only seven of them from Belgium. If we take the 2470 into account, we end up with a score of 56 dogs/judging day which is a good average. On Saturday 4 judges had more than 75 entries, Mrs. Angela Hancock from Ireland had 107 and Mr Petr Rehanek from the Czech Republic had 100. Mr. Audrone Babianskiene from Lithuania had 83 and along with the 78 of Sunday he ended up to be second most popular judge of this show. Mr.Tibor Havelka from Slowakia had 109 dogs on Saturday, among them 25 Bernese Mountain dogs and 29 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Together with his 96 dogs of Sunday he finished as the best scoring judge of Saturday, Sunday and the weekend. Other popular judges of Sunday were Hildeward Hoenderken from the Netherlands with 75 dogs and Rolf Blessing with 76 entries. He had 3 Bulldogs to judge. The most popular breeds were the Chihuahuas with 37 specimen for Mr. Arnold Jaques and the Collies with 35 for Mr.Guy Devriendt both from Belgium.

Best In Show judge on Saturday was Mr. Petr Rehanek. His 3rd place went to the Bordeaux dog "Kadinksu From The Red Squirrels", the winning dog out of 12. He was entered in Champion Class males under judge Tibor Havelka. Mr.Schaëffer from Germany judged the Group. Breeder and Handler of this dog Is Wim Toonen from the Netherlands. He was beaten by the English Cocker Spaniel "Argo Z Horenuse" happily owned by Sofie Vranckaert from Belgium. Anja Puch from Germany was the breed judge of this male particolour. Mr. Hancock from Ireland was the Group judge. It was Mr.Leenen, new president of the Belgian Kennel Club Saint Hubertus, who honored his Kennel Club with sending the Chien de Saint Hubert "Napoleon Bonaparte Of Lufon Royal Pride", owned by Mr. Fonny Devadder from Belgium and send him to finals. There this 3 year old male was judged by Mr Rehanek earlier that day and won the breed. I suppose Mr.Rehanek was so pleased with this dog that he made him BIS.

On Sunday it was Mr. Leenen who was the Best In Show judge. His 3rd place went to the Chihuahua Chorthair "J-Megan My Pride and Joy". This little female won the breed in Champion Class , judged by Mr.Arnold Jaques from Belgium. Mrs. Linda Volarikova was also very pleased when she saw him competing for the group finals. Mr. Rigaux Guy is the happy owner of this little she-devil. Mr.Fonny Devadder was on the podium again, on the second place this time and not with Napoleon but with kennel mate "Norbert Of Lufon Royal Pride", and he is a Basset Hound also 3 years of age. Burkhard Seibel from Germany was his breed judge, Mr. Jos De Cuyper from Belgium, the Group judge. The Best In Show title went to the Afgan Hound "El Roalito Easygoing" of Cornelia Schellenberg from Germany. 15 Were entered for Mr.Goran Gladic who made him Best of Breed and it was Mrs. Diane Degryze from Belgium, who made him Best of Group. Mr. Leenen was obviously very pleased with his winner. His partner, Mrs. Rita Reyniers, was a breeder of Afgan Hounds. Let's hope she agreed with his decision.

Let's cross our fingers that we all can be part of the 39th Sint Rombouts Cup. That would probably mean that this show has a new bright future ahead?

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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