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news - 18/04/2015
BRABO 2015  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
BRABO 2015 , Crufts qualifier. Normally the LKV show of Genk would have the right to organize the Crufts Qualifier but as this show has to share it's CACIB show with the Ambiorix Trophy alternatively every year, LKV could not organize the Crufts qualifier as the CACIB title went to Ambiorix trophy this year and it went on to the next in line which was BRABO. That was a very frustrating situation for LKV . The BRABO club of Antwerp, which is on good terms with LKV, grabbed this opportunity to make an extra effort. The result was there, a raise from 2094 entries to no less than 2439 dogs, or plus 16,5%.

If this splendid result was only due to the title of Crufts qualifier is not certain and it will have played an important role, but the reputation of the BRABO dog show has increased enormously. In 2004 the entry was less than 1500 dogs. It's only since a few years that the show regained it's former glory and fame. Not only the dogs were more numerous but there were also more visitors than other years and that is of utmost importance for the trade stand holders who's turnover depends for a big part on visitors. The show has something to offer to it's public. There are several demonstrations in the main ring like heelwork to music and obedience displays etc. The main ring itself was nice. The entrance and exit for the dogs was guarded by life size statues of Great Danes. The podium however, seems to remain a problem. It still is too disorderly with thing stored in the background and a background that is too distractive. It would be better to have a curtain or a poster behind the winners and cover up the bags and gifts behind.

A big applause on the other hand for the nice and complete catalog that even has statistical diagrams in it. We can easily see what countries are best represented, how males and females are divided, see the popularity of the groups, the representation per class, as well as a plan of the halls and rings. The popularity of a dog show depends on many things and most important of the judges, but also of some other factors like parking space, which is much improved now since there is a huge parking beside the halls, the reachability and the availability of food and drinks at a fair price (like the famous Belgian frites). 20 Different countries were represented even from Australia, the USA and Curaçao. 31 British dogs were in competition. There were some pretty rare breeds to see like the Porcelain, the Shikoku the Chart Polski, the Braque Français type Pyrenées Petit and the Epagnuel de Pont Audemer and Epagneul Picard.

There was something weird about the number of trophies in each group. In Groups 1 and 2 5 dogs were placed. Group 9 , however, had more entries than group 1, but only 4 dogs were placed. Strange if you know that those 3 groups had 17 or more % of the dogs, while group 7, with only 3,2% had also 4 places, while here again, groups 4 and 6 had both more entries but had only 3 dogs placed. Nobody understood this and it confused even one of the group judges who was supposed to pick out only 3 dogs while he thought it was 5 and had to make his placement out of this 3. Next time more logic.

28 judges were invited, half of them Belgians. Russian judge Mrs Dreyer had an entry of 95 dogs but she judged on Saturday only and all Group 8 breeds. Mr.J.Gelaude, a Belgian judge had 105 dogs and he also judged only on Saturday. This nice number was composed of 3 breeds only, 26 Flats, 44 Golden and 35 Labrador Retrievers. Mrs.Skalin from Sweden but original from Lithuania judged all the Dachshunds on Saturday plus 8 St.Bernards , a total of 113, and 71 dogs including 46 Chihuahuas on Sunday. She ended second most popular judge of the show. Mr.Van den broeck from Belgium was pretty busy on Sunday when he had 44 Rhodesian Ridgebacks that helped him finish with 89 dogs on Sunday and 123 in total. Mr.Dewilde from Belgium jduged 109 Terriers and Saturday and had another 67 dogs on Sunday. Mr.Sauer from Germany had a good entry on Saturday, the only day he judged. He had 47 Bullmastiffs and 30 Bordeaux Dogs and a total of 82. Very busy too was Mrs.Mouchart -Kleingeld from Holland. She judged on Sunday only but welcomed 111 dogs in her ring including 68 Border Collies. Other nice numbers were the 38 Aussies for Mrs.Rutten from Holland, the 42 Bernese Mountain dogs for Mrs Schaufeli, also from Holland, the 35 Staffordshire Bull Terriers for Mrs.Stojkovic from Macedonia, the 80 Great Danes for Mr.Zenion from Cyprus, the 43 French Bulldogs for Mrs.Hectors from Belgium , the 28 Akitas for Mr.Van Hummelen from Belgium and the 36 Irish Wolfhounds for Mr Brixhe, who is from Belgium too. Absolute winner was Mr. Zaur A. from Azerbaijan . On Saturday he could relax with only 31 dogs and prepare for Sunday as then he had no less than 174 entries. His 73 Chinese Cresteds were co-responsible for that. With a total of 205 dogs over the weekend he was Brabo's best investment for 2015.

Mrs. Degryze from Belgium was granted the honor to judge Best In Show . Her 3rd place was for the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen :" Ch. Palomino du Greffier du Roi" owned by Huisman Jolanda (NL). Mr. Zenion judged the breed. Palomino was the only one and is 3 years old. Mr.Zaur judged the group. Mrs.Degryze's second choice was the Bearded Collie "Multi Ch. Beardie Connections Kenji "-owned by Otto Rinus (NL). Who won several Best In Shows like Brussels in 2013 and lately Hoogstraten. He is 4 years old in the meantime . There were 28 Beardies entered for Mrs.Mouchart-Kleingeld. The Group was judged by Mr.Van Hoenacker from Belgium. If Mrs. Degryze choses a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as Best In Show one can be sure it is a very good one as Companion Dogs are her favorites. Mr. Jacques Arnold from Belgium, owner and breeder, was extremely surprised that a Cavalier was chosen BIS and even more as it was his own " My Little Poppy of Maesllyn ". 36 Were entered for Mr.Zaur who sended this 2 years old blenheim bitch to the main ring where Mrs. Van Brempt crowned her Best of Group.

If this record number of 2439 dogs will be broken next year when it is no Crufts qualifier, we'll see. I think that the BRABO show is top enough to do that. With your help it's possible. I think it will be special again as that will be the 50th edition of this popular show. Don't miss it.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

Results: BRABO and Karl DONVIL

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