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nieuws - 27/11/2013

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
• FANTASTIC COMPETITION! WIN ONE OF THE 5 FREE ENTRIES FOR YOUR DOG AT THE EURODOGSHOW KORTRIJK! • Question 1) Since the first publication of the Eurodogshow on, two breeds of two owners were the very same. What years, what breeds and what is the name of the owner/breeder: Breed 1: Owner: Years: xxxx and xxxx Breed 2: Owner: Years: xxxx and xxxx • QUESTION 2) Since the first publication of the Eurodogshow on, how many BIS dogs came from the United Kingdom. Give the breeds and the years that they won: • QUESTION 3) In 2012 a record entry of 173 dogs came from the United Kingdom. What was the number of the second best year? • QUESTION 4) What was the total number of UK dogs entered in the • THE TIEBREAKER: What will be the total number of entries in 2013 of dogs entered for the show only (the number of the last dog in the printed catalog as he is sold and distributed on the show.

• All answers can be found in the articles of the Kortrijk Eurodogshows published on since its start. 5 Entries will be repaid to the winners who had all answers correct and come closest to the number to guess of the tiebreaker. In case of ex-aequo the winners will be drawn by lot. There will be a maximum of one prize per person. The winner must have a dog entered for the show and have paid the entry fee. It is the entry fee of the first dog that was entered by the exhibitor that will be refunded by the Eurodogshow organization during the show on 16-17 November 2013.

• This link will help you to find the articles:

• is probably the biggest website in the world with over 420.000 photos offers free advertising for you, your club, your magazine, store. Click on this link and go on step by step: (non bona fide advertisements will be erased/ loves pets)

IMPORTANT: send in your answers before NOVEMBER 9 to with title EURODOGSHOW contest 2013. Don’t forget to mention your name and address and the name and breed of the dog that you have entered eventually with entry number if you have that. Every person can only win one free entry.

The winners will be announced and refunded at the show. Results will be displayed at the 123dog Photo Studio nearby the main ring.

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