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'Dog Showing A new Book by Robert Killick'
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news - 31/12/2002
Dog Showing A new Book by Robert Killick  -  United Kingdom

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DOG SHOWING, from Beginners to Winners by Robert Killick A few years ago when I was the Crufts canine consultant to the BBC I was asked to write 2000 words on the secrets of dog showing to be distributed to the BBC technicians, camera crews, sound operators and the production team who were totally ignorant of what went on at a dog show.

As I wrote it I became aware, for the first time, what a lot of information there was to impart in such a few words so I resolved to expand on the theme and the idea for this book was born.

I came into showing dogs in 1973 and like so many I had no conception of what it was like, I learnt the hard way, little by little, learning by my mistakes which were many.

In this book I have contrived to point out the difficulties and problems before they can happen. In general terms I have tried to lead the beginner into ring etiquette, rules (both written and unwritten) and procedures in the British dog scene. Advice is given on the welfare and the health of the show dog including some basic hints on grooming and preparation. Brief histories and some great photos of eight Crufts Best in Show winners with their personal tips for success are also featured.

To help our European friends coming to the UK with a showdog details of the Pets for Passports scheme are published, these must be followed exactly to enable a dog to enter the UK.. Finally the current rules for entering Crufts together with the required qualifications are there for all to read. Please understand that these regulations can be changed without notice so it is best to check it out nearer to the time.

If you see me at a show, stop and talk, I'd like that.

Robert Killick

Cost 14.99

Available from OUR DOGS website (see linked logo on this website)

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