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'"O Cão de Fila de S. Miguel"'
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news - 22/09/2004
"O Cão de Fila de S. Miguel"  -  Portugal

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In the late September 23rd took place, in the Galveias Palace in Lisbon, the release of another book on a Portuguese canine breed, the Cão de Fila de S. Miguel. Many guests and friends of the authors, Vitor Veiga and António José Amaral, were present to personally congratulate these two great dog breeders, now also great writers. Due to their sparseness, these events are always welcomed by all who are fond of dog breeding – this work particularly due to its focus on a Portuguese breed. This project was, not an accident, but the outcome of many years of research and knowledge exchange between the authors, and also of the successful experience of Vitor Veiga on an earlier work, “O Podengo Português” (The Portuguese Podengo). Our congratulations to the authors Vitor Veiga and António José Amaral, not only for this recent work but for all that they have done on behalf of national dog breeding; maybe, we hope, others will others follow this excellent example.

The authors:

Vítor Manuel Cristóvão Veiga. Born in Lisbon in 1956; lawyer, author of the book “O Podengo Português” (The Portuguese Podengo), article writer in the fields of Cinology and Cinogenetics. International Judge of Beauty Exhibitions of the V and VI Groups and of Portuguese Breeds by the Portuguese Kennel Club, and acknowledged by the FCI, having played as a beauty judge in several shows in Portugal, Spain and Germany. Devoted to (hunting breeds and dog breeding?), he has been breeding, for the past 20 years, Portuguese Podengos and Serra da Estrela dogs, with the “Vale do Poço” label, and has bred several beauty champions. He has taken important positions inside the Portuguese Kennel Club, is a member of several breed Clubs and the President of the Club of the Portuguese Podengo since its founding in 1990. He has always been a researcher of the Portuguese breeds and an enthusiast of the Cão de Fila de S.Miguel (São Miguel Catte Dog).

António José Amaral. Born in Ponta Delgada, in the Island of São Miguel, Azores, in 1937. Representative of the for the Azores since 1982, international judge of Beauty Shows, acknowledged by the FCI, and judge for pointing dog work. Presently the judge of 78 dog breeds, he has played as a judge in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Finland, Hungary and Russia. He was the coordinator of the workgroup appointed in 1983 by the Azores Regional Government to study and propose the Cão de Fila de S.Miguel (São Miguel Catte Dog) standard to the Portuguese Kennel Club. Dog breeder for over 40 years, since 1974 using the “Azorean” breed label, he has raised several dog breeds, with special emphasis on the pointing dog and the São Miguel Catte Dog. A great promoter of Dog Breeding in Azores, he has since 1981 organized many events of canine morphology, lectures, hunting trials with pointing dogs and work tasks with the São Miguel Catte Dog.

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