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'New "look" for Great Dane?'
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news - 12/10/2002
New "look" for Great Dane?  -  Spain

dogs breeders dog pictures by Anna Narewska
Nobody could guess the fall in the air. It was typicall sunny summer morning. In the middle of the industrial part of Madrid - green oasis with over 160 Great Danes inside. You could look one of them deep in the eyes ... like a dream... And now back to the reality ..

Sunny Sunday and over 160 Great Danes gathered in ex-

clusive private ridding club.It was October 13. but nobody had real bad luck that day.Spanish Great Dane Club (CEDDA)

held his 21st National Spanish Club Show in picturesque

scenery of countryside. And it is really amazing that such a

rural place can be found in the middle of crowded Madrid.

This year, Spanish Great Dane Club joined European Fede-

ration of Great Dane Clubs what should lead to some chan-

ges in its breeding politic. According to the rules of this

association,each member agree to follow restrictive breedingregulation of EuDDC. But it is only theory. Real life looks dif-

ferent. Everywhere in Europe, we can see examples of that

fascinating breed with cropped ears, what in fact, according

to the federation's rules, is not allowed.

This year, in Madrid, we could observe by their job, experien-ced Great Dane experts from Germany: Horst Fishbach for

Puppies and Blues, GŁnter Schwabe for Blacks and Harle-

quins and also Dr.Horst Hollensteiner for Fawns and

Brindles. The last of them, well-known book author,

impressed audience with his style of judging. Visitors,

gathered around Fawn and Brindle ring, listened very carefulyto his expplanation.Dr. Hollensteiner described exactly what

he liked and what not in the structures and movement, and

of course gave answer for any question. In fact his job was

not easy. Fawn and Brindle colours are the most popular in

Spain and always with great quality, so he had to deal with

very good examples.

Mr. Schwabe worked with routine. He had his priorities and

could see the winner very clearly. In fact he always pays

attention to the harmony in the movement.

It was a great pleasure to look at Mr. Fishbach judging pup-

pies. How to say to the owner of the puppy that his dog is not

the number one? But he can always do it with sence of

humour. What a pity that some jokes are not translantable.

The trophy for the best puppy went to exact seven-month-old

Fawn bitch ODISEA DE DOGOLIMPO. In the junior class, the

elegant Black bitch YOLA, from famous kennel DE CAN

DURAN ,arrived to the first place thanks to the harmony of

her structures. But I was simply delighted with looking at Har-lequin junior bitch named WUANDA from the same kennel.

Clear colour and wonderful head - simply perfect.

After the young generation we could see the veterans. Great

Dane's life is very short so it is always good to look at old dog who is very fit. The winner of this category, CH INDIANA DE

PANDAKAN is for sure in very good condition. I had a great

pleasure to observe her, playnig with the puppies, outside the ring and I could never guess her age.

I was really surprised by a big number of breeding groups.

Ten kennels presented their Danes in this category. The bestof them was not the most numerous. This price and as well

the price for the best couple achived DE ULMER kennel.

And at least the best dogs came into the ring: different

colours, different look, cropped and not .This time, the winnercomes from excellent kennel DE DOFER. Only 19-month-old,

KUS-KUS DE DOFER got the price thanks to his elegance

and wonderful presentation. From time to time some surpri-

se comes from DE DOFER kennel. This one was not the first

one and for sure not the last one.

The quality of the dogs was very good and as usually

wonderful climate. It was very special show with a great hope of better future for this fascinating breed.

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